Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shut Up Rosie!

I've been scratching my head all morning, trying to figure out this out. This morning, Rosie O'Donnell was on GMA. Okay, that's my first mistake--watching her interview at all. It happened to be on. I was busy. Moving on. What she said made me stop in my tracks. She was asked to rate Obama's first year and she said that it was better because, and I quote "the last 8 years were horrible, by anyone's standards"
Horrible by anyone's standards. Horrible. Horrible. Hmmm...now I'm really perplexed. I'll get the calendar. Oh, big surprise! She's referring to 2000-2008, the Bush era! It's the "Blame it on Bush" mantra so popular to the left, AGAIN!
Let me recount to you how "horrible" my life was during those eight years. Let's start with gainful employement. During those years I was employed by 3 different, successful, profitable companies. I was paid a good salary, given excellent benefits and vacation time too. I participated in 401(k) plans with company matching. My retirement funds increased. My investments grew. We had enough income between my husband and I to pay our bills, pay down our mortgage, save for a rainy day and buy items to contribute to an overall growing American economy. We built a house. We bought a car or two. We even had enough money left over to pay for doctor's expenses not covered in order to conceive our beautiful daughter. How horrible indeed.

Now, there were some hiccups in this smooth sailing. The tragic events of 9/11 forever changed our lives. The only horrible things that I can think of that came out of these 8 years were the innocent deaths of thousands of people at the hands of radical, religious terrorists and the fact that our society became too politically correct to hold people accountable for anything for fear of offending someone.

Ms. O'Donnell seems to forget that our Constitution and our freedom are what allow her to say such stupid things on a daily basis. My life was pretty damn good for those 8 years. It's post 2008 that I no longer have a job, my investments are down and we are not spending money anymore to fuel the economy. Unfortunately, we may be on the brink of the true "horrible" time in our country.

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